Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Reading to write

I have seen a lot of advice lately about reading to improve your writing. I have also seen a lot of advice about reading books in the specific genre you want to write. I agree, but I've taken this advice a little farther.

I believe reading outside of my genre for specific elements and writing devices is also useful. For example: I have certain action scenes that require imagery involving guns and the mechanics of shooting guns. So, I picked up a couple Tom Clancy novels to see how he approaches these elements. I am not writing about covert operatives on top secret missions, but I can apply some of their expertise to my characters in my crime novel.

I plan on reading a few popular western novels to help me characterize a present day sheriff in my story. I don't have a romantic element (yet) but, if one arises, I will surely pick up at least one good romance novel for reference.

I hope that by reading and learning from experts in their specific genre's, I will be able to strengthen all the various elements in my story. As for the advice about reading to improve writing, I think this is very solid advice for developing your writing style and voice.

Read, read, and read some more. Write, write, and write better.


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Tabitha Bird said...

Yep, so true. I read anything. Since I have written a memoir (not pub'd) I read far and wide. I think it is very good to get the hell outside your comfort zone anyway. It can only add to you as a writer. even if it is just to affirm what you don't have any passion to write. Great post.